Amazon: World Domination?

My favorite subject at the moment is Amazon. The company that spent the first decade of its life devoted to selling paperbacks over the internet has quietly (or not so quietly) morphed into a consumer behemoth, forever changing the way people buy stuff. In this edition of my editorial column, I’m going to examine why – the good, the bad, and the future.

Hedge Fund Basics

The final part of our “investment basics” series will cover the wild world of hedge funds. Hedge funds get a lot of press for their high fees, big-ego portfolio managers and seemingly complex investment strategies. But are they truly the great investment vehicles their managers would have you believe, or are they “all hat and no cattle?”

Commodities Markets - The Trading of "Stuff"

A former colleague was fond of saying, “there are five different places you can put your money: stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, and commodities.” We’ve covered the first two in previous blog entries, we’re (hopefully) familiar with the middle two, and we’ll cover the final one now.

Financial Empowerment cont. - The World of Fixed Income

Continuing our Financial Empowerment series, this blog article introduces our readers to the world of fixed income.

Investment Education 101: Let's Start with Stocks

The second part of our Financial Empowerment series is geared towards basic investment education. What is a stock? What is a bond? What about mutual funds, ETFs, and LDBs? Just kidding, that last one is made-up.

Cybersecurity - What Steps Can You Take?

We now rely on the internet for almost everything. Whether it’s keeping in touch with family on Facebook or buying a book on Amazon, our personal lives are on the web in some way, shape, or form. With that in mind, it’s as important as ever to remain vigilant in keeping our information safe.

As Fall Semester Looms, Tap Into Your 529

For those of you out there sending your children off to college for the first time or the last, saying goodbye never gets easier and paying the bills isn’t exactly a picnic either.  If you’ve managed to place funds aside in a 529 Plan for education, now is the time to collect up Qualified Higher Education Expenses (QHEE) and reap the rewards of saving.

The Benefit of Understanding Your Money Personality

In our last blog entry we introduced readers to “financial archetypes,” the concept that different people think about and prioritize money in different ways. There are two reasons we think this is important.

What Financial Archetype Are You?

This blog entry will be the first in a series based on our popular Financial Empowerment course taught through the Christopher Wren Association at the College of William & Mary. Although we will not be active this semester, please keep a lookout in future course catalogs for our class offering!


The Fiduciary Standard

Now that the Department of Labor's somewhat controversial Fiduciary Rule is in effect (as of June 9, 2017), we thought it prudent to provide an update on where things stand, what the new rule means to you and to us, and what may change down the road.

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