Markets & Polls - Are There More Important Factors to Consider?

Dear clients and friends,

With the election fast approaching the polls are tighter than ever. Never before (in our memories, at least) have voters been forced to choose between two generally unpopular candidates. Considering we are electing the next leader of the free world, this is disappointing.

How Confirmation Bias Could be Hurting your Investment Performance

Have you made up your mind on just about everything, even before you know what it is? For instance, when you meet someone, is your opinion of the person formed from the first impression? Or, when you hear a political argument from the other side, is your mind opened or closed? Are you able to concede the “good points” the other side make, or do you dismiss the whole argument?

The Middleman: Capitalizing on Your Online Shopping Experience?

Lately I’ve been trying to broaden my range of cooking skills to include not only healthy meals, but different cultures as well. Despite my best intentions I find myself reaching for my heavy, decades-old cookbook on Mediterranean food and last week I chose a recipe with fava beans as the primary ingredient.

Planning for Long Term Care

Why You Should Monitor Your Credit

Thanks to the internet, monitoring your credit report and credit score is easier than ever... helping us all stay one step ahead of identity theft. 

Keeping Up With the Identity Thieves

Identity thieves are upping their game. In their relentless pursuit of your personal identifying information (PII) they are constantly evolving in their technology and their techniques to stay one step ahead of you. It is up to you to take every precaution you possibly can, but even that may not be enough. You also need to stay abreast of how they are changing their tactics:

Collector automobiles: What’s the deal with Barrett-Jackson anyway?

As an automotive enthusiast, I follow the collector car market very closely. Four major companies handle the majority of automobile auctions throughout the year: Barrett-Jackson (mostly American classics), RM Sotheby’s (mostly European exotics and pre-war models), Bonham’s (similar to Sotheby’s), and Mecum (a little bit of everything).

The UK Referendum: An Update

As of this posting, international investment markets have mostly recovered from the shock of the UK's referendum to exit the European Union. However, there is still plenty for leaders and policymakers to negotiate and deliberate, as we expect they will for months to come. This episode is indeed far from its conclusion. 

My experience sitting for the CFA Program Level I exam

Last Saturday thousands of candidates around the globe sat for one of three successive exams that comprise the CFA Program. I was one of them. My location, the Richmond Convention Center, hosted around 250 eager test-takers for the 6-hour endeavor which was bisected by a one hour lunch break.

Is an Investment Advisor Really Worth the Investment Advisory Fee?

Fees within the financial services industry have come under fire recently, as regulators and investors alike evaluate whether financial advisors, stockbrokers, and asset managers earn their fees.

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