What To Do When You Win the Lottery - (Or Other Windfall)

If you’re human you couldn’t possibly have avoided thoughts of what you might do if you had won the recent Mega Millions lottery of over $1.537 billion ($878 million cash).

Market Commentary from Michael Gibbs

We usually like to respond to major market events by sharing a brief summary written in our own words. This time we’ve decided to do something a little different. Michael Gibbs, one of our favorite strategists with Raymond James, has released a short video explaining his position regarding the recent market volatility and what he expects going forward.

Retiring Abroad

If you’ve always dreamed of living abroad, now may be the best time. Today, there are around 400,000 American retirees residing outside the United States, with that number expected to grow over the next few years. Cost of living is often cited as one of the main reasons for the move.

Dwindling Sports Attendance - What's Really Going On?

For my birthday this year, my poor, poor wife agreed to accompany me to Bristol, TN for a NASCAR race. The town of Bristol, which actually straddles the border of Virginia and Tennessee, is home the third largest sporting venue in the United States: Bristol Motor Speedway.

Estate planning basics

People spend a lifetime accumulating assets and building an estate with the intention of passing it on to their heirs or charitable beneficiaries. Without proper planning, a person’s death can create significant hardships on the people for which the estate was created. 

GCM June Market Commentary

Dear clients & friends,

Talks of a trade war are back in the headlines, though we can’t exactly say they ever left… just temporarily relegated to page 2. As has been the case all year, politics and international diplomacy continue to keep market participants on their toes. 

Health Insurance 101

Health insurance used to be a fairly simple process. But today, whether obtaining health insurance privately or through an employer, we’re being offered a variety of insurance plans with varying benefit levels, making the choice more difficult.

Before you enroll in another health insurance plan, here are some common terms you need to know – and understand:

Tax Planning Basics

For years it was assumed that tax planning was reserved for the wealthy. While wealthy individuals will see the most benefit from tax planning, with big changes looming for the 2018 tax year, even middle-income earners can reap the benefits of tax planning.  

Do You Need an Emergency Fund? - YES!

One of the building blocks of a strong Financial Plan is your Emergency Fund: Do you have one?  If not, do not think you are immune to the financial perils that lurk out there, waiting to drain small savings and threatening to run up your high rate credit cards.

Common eBay and Craigslist scam tactics

In our last blog, we talked about methods for cleaning out unwanted items and turning them into cash. Craigslist and eBay are two of the most popular “middle men” for matching sellers and buyers, but each has its share of scammers. Here are a couple of the tactics they employ:


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