Retirement Milestones and Opportunity

Throughout our lives, we look forward to milestones representing new opportunities or stages of life. Retirement is no different. The IRS and Social Security Administration have established several milestones all Americans must be aware of. What follows is a list of those ages and dates, some of which may involve planning and a complex decision on your part.

Table Scraps as Fine Dining

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

I don't like to be preachy but, when it comes to matters of money, I guess that is part of my job description. If I can combine an economic matter with a social or environmental matter, then all the better.

Watching the Clouds Go By

It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day life - there's a lot going on! Work, emails, kids, dogs, Facebook, smartphones... we are more connected than ever before, and the trend is not going to reverse course any time soon.

Planning For the New Normal in Retirement

Today’s retirees face a whole new set of financial challenges. Thanks to improvements in medical technology and increased life expectancies, about half of retirees find themselves sandwiched between their own kids who may still be in college or struggling to break free of the nest, and their aging parents who may require assistance in their daily living.

Purchasing the Right Amount of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies may not be appropriate for everyone, but they are an important tool in our toolbox. Certainly anyone with a family to protect has spent at least some amount of time considering the "worst case scenario." 

A First Time Home Purchase - Realizing the American Dream

My wife and I recently joined the proud club of first-time homeowners pursuing our slice of the American Dream. We don’t yet have the white picket fence, and our dog is a dachshund instead of a golden retriever, but we’re making progress.

Financial Resolutions: 6 Tips to keep you Accountable

After the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, we dig up our hopes and dreams and make some resolutions. Getting back in the gym, losing weight, and eating clean, are usually at the top of the list, but what about your finances? The health of your accounts, spending habits, and investments are just as important to evaluate.

Downsizing: Dreaded or Cathartic?

I am currently going through a process that most everyone will go through at some point: downsizing.

Umbrella Insurance - Important Coverage You Might Need

My wife and I are in the process of building and buying our first home. We are excited but overwhelmed with tasks that are not typical of our experience with apartment living… for example, did you realize that as a homeowner you should probably have a lawn mower to, you know, mow the lawn? Or that new construction homes typically do not come with a garage door opener?

Markets & Polls - Are There More Important Factors to Consider?

Dear clients and friends,

With the election fast approaching the polls are tighter than ever. Never before (in our memories, at least) have voters been forced to choose between two generally unpopular candidates. Considering we are electing the next leader of the free world, this is disappointing.

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